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Great service, looking forward to using it for a long time. Wouldn’t trade ES futures without it. The calls are consistently spot on & the strategy is solid. The service easily pays itself, would highly recommend it to anyone interested in trading ES futures.   @rmejia

Thus far my experience has been amazing.  As a young trader, 27, I am managed my job and limited capital.  I also have missed some of Vader’s calls.  I have been using just 1 contract and typically getting out on first or second recommended scale.  In 8 sessions, I have banked about 17 points.  Once I increase size, I imagine I will double my point total.  This is truly a good service if you are looking for some guidance.  I wake up excited waiting for first call because I know we are going to consistently make a lot of money.  GREAT SERVICE!!!    @mattgulb

I’ve only dipped my toes in size wise this month but I’m looking forward to making some serious money next month and beyond. I’ve made about 14 points in a couple of weeks but I’ve missed more than that.  Let’s keep this going.  If you need to raise fees so be it.  It will be well worth it.  Let’s all make some serious money.     @expacex1

One of the 7 deadly Sins in trading is hesitation.  Your service coupled along with the charts you send out every morning help control and overcome that fear.  I may not play every trade, but where out thinking lines, profit have followed.  I’m a single lot player, so entries and exits are important, and having you in my ear has improved my entries and exits.  Well Done!    @nirav777

I’m very happy with your trading service Vader! Your hit ratio is awesome and your instructions are clear and profitable. Your scalping strategy is a good supplement for my swing trading portfolio. Thanks a lot and keep it up!    @pasa1983

The best I have seen so far !!
I am following the markets for over 20 years & trading via internet for over 12 years. There are few who nail their trades like you.
Your service rocks. Keep on going ! @ b3nni_

Been following VaderTrades for a week and a half. He does a great job of calling out his trades in advance, and thus far his results have been solid. I don’t actually take the trades but use his comments in adjunct to my own analysis.    @SPMorningTrade

Thanks for all the hard work that you do Vader!  You have better understanding of the market than any trader I have ever seen.  Your tweets during the day on entries and exits and on intra-day key areas to watch out for are especially helpful. Thanks for doing such an excellent job and for helping me to become a better trader.   @ jlatrades

Vader, with the recent launch of your twitter service, I have to say that unlike any service out there you provide pin-point plan as to what is likely to unfold during the day session trading the eminis. Quality trades are the attributes of top traders. I am with you.    @fsh11

been in many trade rooms but none of them compare to vader’s. He makes just a few trades per day but very high sucess rate. Done by 10.30am est. But he still makes extra callls in the PM for those who want them.  All this for $99.00 a month. Got to be a fool not to join this team!!!    @kerry1120

Early in the game since I’ve only been a member for a week but I’ve been impressed.  Real impressed.  And I don’t impress easily…
Weird combo of /ES trading coupled with sub-penny stock picking.  So far I’ve only played the /ES futures but man, the win percentage is huge…keep this up and in a month you’ll have a glowing review on Investimonials….  @misfithab

I am very impressed with your clarity of future market movement.  I utilize your thoughts everyday to determine how I will set up my day long or short.  Your daily chart shows different scenarios possible and I have utilized it every day so far since you started.  You save me time!  Your trades are spot on and your stops are very well thought out.  Your price per month is a steal, more will come.      @cginthehouse

Incredible direction calls, useful daily chart and gives you the confidence to step into the ES mini futures.  Quick SMS-tweeting of positions so you can follow along.  I would not trade Eminis without someone like Vader at my side.  One of the few services of its kind.  I recommend a broker with low margin requirements as the more contracts you trade at a time the better in sync with his system you are as he trades up to 10 contracts on a scaled basis and that part of the system is important to achieving and protecting profits.  Most trading done by early to mid morning.  You can easily make a couple of points a day and many days a whole lot more.  That is a serious boost to your portfolio if you will do the math.  A highly recommended service.    @jammer63021

awesome service. Been following for two weeks and love the service.     @felo61

This is my first attempt at trading futures. I am a technical trader when it comes to equities, and your tweets are so much in sync with my charts. Its like getting a live commentary. The insight that I get from your service is far above excellence. You will recover the cost on the first trading day itself. I love the discipline, your method of communication and the fact that you dont risk too much by overnight holds. I did not start trading immediately, but just observed your service for a week and realized that this fits my trading style. I dont have time during the day to devote 100% to trading and when I can make my target $$ in the first 60mins between pre open and open, I really dont need anything else. Go Team Vader!    @sunil9

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